Moving Company Owner Booked For Extortion

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extortion_arrest  A moving company owner booked for extortion could soon face more charges.

Dunwoodie McDuffie of Metairie is accused of withholding property his company was hired to move, while demanding additional fees from customers.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter tells us why there could soon be more arrests.

“It was definitely a nightmare, and I’m completely exhausted from this situation,” customer Megan Badley said.

Megan Bagley is talking about her 3-week ordeal with “Mr. Move;” the Metairie moving company she hired to move her things.

She says the company quoted her approximately $700 dollars, but investigators say once her property was secured on the truck, they demanded more.

Mandeville Police Lieutenant Gerald Sticker explained, “Problem was the amount that she now owed was about 13-hundred dollars more than she was originally quoted.” Trotter asked, “Why?” “There was no explanation given,” Sticker replied.” “They just said this was the price and she tried to argue with them and according to our complainant it was no dealing.”

“We went back and forth on the phone with the office, as well as with the mover and it was basically write the check or you’re not getting your stuff,” Bagley said.

“You can’t hold somebody’s personal property hostage; and that’s basically what they’re doing,” Sticker said.

It’s why company owner Dunwoodie McDuffie found himself behind bars Tuesday.

He’s now out on bond; but when we went to his 4817 Folse Drive home in Metairie Wednesday, there was no answer.

A peek inside revealed, he’d apparently packed up and moved out.

Lieutenant Sticker says an investigation into Bagley’s complaint turned up even more bad experiences.

“The more we dug, we found more and more potential victims that were all singing the same song,” he said.

In every case “Mr. Move” allegedly gave customers a quote, then jacked up the price after putting their property under lock and key.

“We just couldn’t get answers; and they were rude aggressive, and try to intimidate you into getting their way and making more and more money off of each customer,”  Bagley said.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Bagley says McDuffie was arrogant about the business practices Mandeville Police are now calling criminal.

“He flat out told me that I could call whoever, I wanted, any government agency, any police authorities and no one could do anything because it was a civil matter and no one could touch him,” Bagley said. “The fact that he actually got arrested and is being charged with the criminal acts he’s been doing for years is very relieving.”

Since McDuffie’s arrest Mandeville Police have gotten phone calls and emails from other customers and law enforcement agencies making similar claims against “Mr. Move.”

WGNO News has learned the on-going investigation could lead to more arrests.


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