13-year-old boy accused of killing his 5-year-old sister with wrestling moves

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TERRYTOWN, LA (WGNO) – Jefferson Parish deputies say a 13-year-old boy murdered his five-year-old half-sister.

They say the boy called 911 on Sunday and reported his sister wasn’t breathing.  They say the boy told them the girl was complaining her stomach hurt.

She was taken to West Jeff Hospital where she died.

An autopsy showed the girl had broken ribs, lacerations to her liver, and internal bleeding.

Deputies say the boy later confessed that he used wrestling moves — like you see on TV — on the little girl.

“There’s no explaining this kind of stuff when you’re slamming a five-year old over your knee and on your bed, and things of that nature.  They’re fragile.  Five-years-old is still very, very young.  The child experienced fractured ribs and significant internal injuries and obviously was in significant distress because of that and succumbed to those injuries,” Sheriff Newell Normand told reporters during a news conference on Tuesday.

Deputies say the mom left the pair alone while she went to a nearby store.  She does not face any charges.