Tattooed women fight bad reputations with good works

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They are community conscious women with a unique commonality. They are ‘The Modified Dolls.’

“We’re breaking down the stereotypes of modified and tattooed women. We are the different making a difference,” says Lamb Tchop Doll, Jennifer Johnston.

This international non-profit organization raises money and awareness for local charities, they volunteer and occasionally, they get “inked.”

“I have more waves on my back and a lotus on my back, a Celtic knot on my back, some Mandarin symbols that mean a lot to me on my arms,” says Johnston. Modifications include tattoos, piercings, dermals, subdermals and beyond.

“My dad passed away in February so this is for him. I have a corn-de-lis here. To me it means decorating our body, making ourselves unique with art. I’m not an artist by any means but Kenny here, I want him to put his art on me,”  says probationary member Emily Neltmor.

Sometimes a consequence for that art is dealing with stereotypes and that is another platform for the group.

The Louisiana chapter has raised several thousand dollars for different groups including the Special Olympics, Children’s Hospital and March of Dimes. The charity of the month for June is the World Wildlife Fund.

“It’s good to know that you’re making a differences and I think we are, we are, ” says Johnston.

Currently, their next event is scheduled for June 23rd. They’re also hosting an Art Auction for Animals on Facebook.

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