WANTED: Robbers In Winter Clothes

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STORE ROBBERIESPolice are searching for two men accused of robbing several area convenience stores this summer while wearing winter clothes to hide their identity.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has the video and reaction from one robbery victim.

“They came in with masks from the outside,” robbery victim Rahman Rahman said.

This is security camera footage of two wanted men; the two men accused of robbing this B-Express convenience store on Louisa Street Friday, all the while terrifying customers and employees inside.

“You’re taking something that is not yours and you’re putting most people life in danger,” Rahman said.

2-suspects, one semi-automatic handgun.

Watch as they go over their game plan behind the store.

“They came, walked behind the store with their masks on,” Rahman said. “They stood there like a minute, then came inside the store, told my cashiers to open up the registers.”

Kody Hughes is a long-time customer who feels bad for gas station workers, turned victims.

“You’re at work, you’re a taxpaying citizen, you trying to support your family and then for somebody to come in and rob you and put your life in danger that’s just horrible, you know,” customer Kody Hughes said.

The robbers left the store, in less than a minute, with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Trotter asked, “This has happened more than once? Correct,” New Orleans Police detective Bianca De Irish said.

In fact, police say they’re investigating a total of four armed robberies allegedly committed by  the same two suspects.

Detective Bianca De Irish says in each case, the bad guys used the same method of operation.

“Hats on their heads, covered up to the brim,” De Irish explained. “T-shirts, cover their eyes.” “All you see is the bridge of their nose and their two eyes.”

One points the gun, while the other cleans out the registers.

Hughes says hard times are no excuse.

“I work hard every day of my life.” “I have three children, I pay my taxes and I do what I gotta do to support my family,” Hughes said. “I don’t go out and rob and steal; I don’t think anybody should.”

Convenience store robberies are happening so often New Orleans Police are urging store clerks to use ‘walk-up’ windows – especially after hours.