Southern Airways Express Looks To The Past For A Better Future

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When traveling by air, what if you could drive up to the terminal, by-pass security and be airborne in minutes with a nonstop flight?

Now you can. Out of Lake Front Airport, where Southern Airways Express unveils a new and affordable way to fly.

“We’re adding today New Orleans,” says CEO Stan Little. “Affordability is the whole concept of this.”

Little says the key is flying to destination cities throughout the south travelers typically drive to, “The competition is not the legacy carriers . Our competition is Ford and Chrysler.”

He says to be new, Southern Airways Express is looking to the past, “And that is to take the experience back to the glory days of the 50’s and 60’s.”

Which means no baggage fee`s, no parking fee`s and no TSA security hassles.

“The greatest thing for us is driving up to the airport, walking out to the tarmac and getting on the plane,” says Karen and Kirk Johnston who are passengers on the first flight into lake front airport. “That`s going to be great to be able to come to New Orleans in such an easy way. I don’t know if I want to fly commercial again.”

Little says the airline’s fleet of planes are equipped with only nine seats which allows them to by-pass some  regulations required by larger airports, “Because  plane’s  are equipped with only nine seats passengers can arrive 15 mins before departure,  avoid lines and skip TSA security measures altogether.”

Southern airways express currently fly’s to Memphis; Oxford, Mississippi; Gulf Shores, Alabama; Destin and Panama City, Florida; and soon to Birmingham.

More destinations will be announced.

One way tickets start at $129.

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  • Not_a_terrorist

    You had me at no TSA! I look forward to traveling by plane again and not being treated like a criminal. You say you won't compete with commercial airlines, but I wish you would and eventually offer flights all over the country!

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