Experiment At Science Camp Injures Three

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Two students and one teacher are recovering from burns on the North Shore after fire ignites at a summer science camp.

It happened Monday morning at St. Scholastica Academy in Covington.

Fire crews and first responders were called to 122 S. Massachusetts Street around 10:30am.

A small fire in a chemistry lab had already been put out.

Paramedics turned their attention to two preteen students and an instructor who had suffered burns.

Investigators say the fire happened during a science experiment; when sugar was converted to carbon using alcohol as a heat source.

“It seems like those are so well planned out, like I assume they were doing some sort of chemical combination of things where they’d make sure there’s no explosion that could possibly happen,” neighbor Norma Keck said. “You know it’ll foam or go poof or something but I’ve never heard of a huge gigantic explosion that would cause a fire or injuries that way.”

“I just hope like they’re okay,” Covington High School student Kadin Welch said. “I just can’t even imagine.”

The instructor was treated locally, but the campers were transferred to burn units in Baton Rouge and Shreveport.

Science camp at St. Scholastica Academy will continue Tuesday and throughout the rest of the week as scheduled.

The State Fire Marshall is investigating the incident.