Louisiana Seafood Stars in Aspen

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Louisiana took center stage this weekend at one of the world`s most prestigious international food and wine events, the 31st annual Aspen Food and Wine Classic.

Since the BP oil spill the LA seafood industry has been out in full force promoting the safety of Louisiana seafood.

This time in Colorado.

John Besh from the Besh Restaurant group says, “The Aspen Food and Wine Classic really is this incredible stage for all things Louisiana. It pertains to seafood and tourism and just having the chance to proclaim to so many people just how vibrant Louisiana is right now”

There was no shortage of culinary star power during the four day classic as they were seen at parties, exotic food and wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, cooking seminars and celebrity cook-offs.

Gail Simmons from Top Chef says, “It`s really become sort of the showcase internationally for all the best food and wine”

Chef Cory Bahr who’s the 2012 Food Network`s Chopped champion is also onboard promoting a new resurgence, “‘We`ve had a booth at the grand tastings, we did trade dinners for the chefs and all kinds of events sharing our passion for Louisiana.”

“This is the grand stage so I think a lot of people need to know how good Louisiana seafood is,” says  Richard Blais who won Top Chef All Stars,  “And how much effort has been put in to make sure that that product is as amazing, if not more amazing than it was before the accident.”

These local culinary experts say plans are already in the works to be back next year and continue promoting Louisiana seafood.