Biggest LSU fan? Tiger-striped purple & gold Lamborghini roars through NOLA

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This Lamborghini may purr like a kitten inside, but on the outside, it roars like a tiger! An LSU tiger!
Meet proud owner Don Domingue, spirited LSU Alum who, as you can imagine gets asked lots of questions.

“They come up to the car and say ‘what year is it?’ talking about the car, I say it’s 2013, ya’ll don’t know what year it is?” Domingue jokes. People even ask how much it would cost to buy the car but he never takes their question seriously. The original idea was just to have the stripes done for a few home football games.

“When I first told him to do it, he goes really, you want me to put stripes on that Lamborghini? I said yes, he kind of questioned it, but I was paying good money so he didn’t refuse it,” says Domingue.

The loud colors and design certainly raise some eyebrows. “Like last night, people were like ‘Go Lakers.”
But most of the time, the LSU Lambo just turns heads.

“It’s like being a movie star, I think it’s better than being a movie star. The cameras come out everywhere you go.”

It goes without saying Don doesn’t mind standing out.