The NOPD’s Failure To Imagine A Competent Police Force

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Former New Jersey governor Thomas Kean noted(1) that the tragic events of 9-11 were cause by a “…failure of policy, management, capability, and above all a failure of imagination.”, well, let’s color the NOPD as poorly managed and incapable of imagination.

For 90 plus days the NOPD has bumbled, fumbled and stumbled their way through the fruitless investigation of the disappearance of school teacher Terrilyn Monette. Mercifully, Monette’s black Honda Civic was found just south of Harrison Avenue submerged in Bayou St John but the NOPD had nothing to do it. An off duty Slidell Police officer, Mark Michaud, along with State Representative Austin Badon made the discovery(2) after scrapping the northerly route NOPD whiz kids presumed she had driven and instead mapped out every alternate route she could have taken.

This led the men back into Michaud’s boat in Bayou St John but much farther south than NOPD had projected. Using sonar equipment Michaud spotted a submerged car, donned his diving gear and confirmed it was Monette, still strapped into the drivers seat. Tragically, imagination brings the mystery to a conclusion but the mystery of NOPD’s continued incompetence remains unsolved.

The NOPD has been in decline for decades and yet platitudinal promises of reform are all the citizenry has been served a steady diet of. Isn’t it time to conclude that the decline must be linked to a corresponding decline in the quality of personnel?

If you wish to elevate the fortunes of your football team, read Saints, then you elevate the sum quality of the players.  Sean Payton said when he took over the Jim Has-lettusdown version of the Saints that he was looking for “intelligent football players” but Payton wasn’t shackled by some abstract worship at the alter of political correctness in his quest. City leaders demand the force resemble the city they patrol, a city those same leaders whine is overrun with “senseless acts of violence.”(3)

Is it any wonder the City of New Orleans police department, culled from this motley crew, appears “senseless” in its lack of “imagination?”