‘No-Kill’ Status For the Day, How You Can Help Save Lives

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‘Just One Day’ is a national campaign where animal shelters across the United States pledge not to euthanize any animals for 24 hours on June 11th. The Jefferson Parish Animal shelter is participating says volunteer Jacob Stroman, “We do that throughout the year, but we signed on this bigger initiative nationwide to hopefully empty out our shelter for the day.” Both the east bank and west bank locations will have extended hours until 7:30 pm with a special $30 adoption fee.

“In a perfect world, of course we would never have to euthanize an animal, unfortunately, that’s just not reality in our community. And yes, we have to do some of that public safety, health issues a lot of reasons go into those decisions but we take those decisions very seriously,” says director of the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter Robin Beaulieu.

So what does just one day at the animal shelter look like? The numbers might surprise you.

“ June 3rd, we had 67 animals come through our doors,” says Beaulieu. 67 animals came in but only 18 went out.

“These animals are not broken, there’s nothing wrong with them, in many cases you’ll find the pure bread of your dreams, and in some cases it is an adult dog that’s already house-trained, already house-broken and move-in ready,” says Stroman.

Just one day is a hopeful day and maybe the first day for these pets in a new home with a new family.

“The animals don’t choose where they go, there’s a lot of organizations that can only take so many and house them and guarantee adoptibility, and all the other ones come to us.”

If you’re one of the estimated 23 million Americans that will add a first pet to your family this year, why not consider adoption.

“We came by and fell in love with her right away,” says Noemi who recently adopted a small breed dog. “she doesn’t care if you had a bad day, or if she had a bad day, she always loves you.”

For more information visit Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JeffersonSPCA?hc_location=timeline

or the website: http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/jpas.html

You can also follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeffersonSPCA


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