Community Reaction To Monette Discovery

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The black Honda Accord registered to missing teacher Terrilynn Monette was recovered from Bayou St. John Saturday afternoon.

Family members and State Rep. Austin Badon tell WGNO News Monette’s remains were found inside the vehicle.

“It was not the outcome that we had looked for, but we did find her,” Badon said.

It was news that drew hundreds of concerned citizens out from their respective homes.

“Everyone wants to know what happened,” supporter Denise Strauss said.

Capture“It’s one of those things, you really feel for this woman, and the family and it’s become part of our lives unfortunately for the last three months,” supporter Randy Foucheaux said.

Woodlawn West elementary teacher Terrilynn Monette disappeared March 2nd.

She was last seen driving away from Parlay’s Bar in the 800 block of Harrison Avenue in Lakeview.

Since then, the community has banded together to pray for her safe return.

“We did a lot of vigils for her we prayed every day at school for her and it’s just really astonishing to see this happen,” former co-worker Lloyd Auzout said.

For months volunteer dive teams conducted searches of area waterways and recovered more than a dozen cars.

But it wasn’t until Saturday afternoon, that a diver located Monette’s black Honda Accord.

Authorities said the car’s description and license plate were a match.

It had been submerged in Bayou St. John near Wisner Boulevard and Harrison Avenue.

“This area had been searched,” Badon explained. “We searched it extensively, but her car was missed.”

“The family needs to know what happened to her the evening she disappeared,” Strauss said.

Even in the face of uncertainty, with many unanswered questions, the family says this weekend’s discovery is the beginning of closure.

“We’re happy. We’re happy and sad. We’re happy and sad,” Monette’s cousin Donald Parker said.

“They’ve been in our prayers since the beginning of this ordeal,” Foucheaux said.

As the recovery mission came to an end, people looking on said they’ll remember Terrilynn Monette whenever they’re near Bayou St. John.

“Every time, probably for the rest of my life,” Strauss said. “I will think of this. I will think of her.”

An autopsy has been scheduled for Monday morning.

A police investigation into what happened continues.