Missing Teacher’s Family Frustrated Over Computer Investigation

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The family of Terrilynn Monette is getting frustrated with the NOPD’s effort to find the missing teacher.

Friday evening, they gathered with supporters for a vigil at Harrison Avenue and Marconi.  That’s the intersection where, three months ago, Monette’s car was recorded by a nearby traffic camera.  It was the last trace of the teacher who’d been at a Lakeview bar earlier in the evening.

During previous vigils, Monette’s family spoke about keeping her case in the public’s eye.  But Friday, they talked more about recent reports that the NOPD had yet to check Monette’s laptop computer to see who may have been emailing or chatting with her.

“The community should be outraged definitely hearing that a person is trying to do something about the computer and he’s been taken off of it.  I’m very upset about that,” Monette’s father told the crowd using a microphone and speaker to deliver the message.

According to a story on WGNO news this week, the NOPD pulled its only officer who knows how to search the hard drives of computers from the case.  The department said the officer was under multiple disciplinary investigations for failing to perform.

“The computer, if it did hold any kind of leads or evidence, it should have been evaluated first,” Monette’s mother, Toni Enclade told the crowd.