Lance Moore

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lance mooreNew Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Lance Moore

Media Availability Transcript 

June, 5, 2013


Can you talk about the fan support at this minicamp? 


“There’s no other place I’d rather be. They’re loyal, dedicate, being out there. They really make it a joy for us.”


Are you aware of them out at practice? 


“They’re yelling, cheering and screaming. Of course we hear them.”


Are they sometimes kind of funny? 


“They are sometimes kind of funny, but we have to make believe we don’t hear that (paying attention to practice).”



Your rise is well-documented. Looking at the road players face such as the wide receiver and tight end out of Louisiana-Monroe, do you talk to them about where you started and what you became or do they know it already? 


“I always have a place in my heart for the (undrafted) free agent guys. I don’t offer to tell them my story out of nowhere, but if they ask, I’ll definitely share it with them. Sometimes guys have to go the long route, the harder route, but at the end it makes you appreciate it more in terms of the road that you’ve taken and where you’ve gotten to. But at no point in time can you be satisfied. If I’m satisfied now, what’s going to happen this year and in the future. I still play like I have a chip on my shoulder.”


It seems like forever from when you got here and now you are one of the veteran guys who will be bringing along the Nick Toon’s and Kenny Stills’. Do you feel a sense of responsibility where you will be bringing along a new wave of receivers under your tutelage and leadership? 


“Yes, because if those guys are playing well, hopefully it means that I am doing my job in teaching them how to do things the right way. It’s kind of weird to think that in 2005, I’m the young guy and have these older guys around me that I looked up to. Now (Marques) Colston, Courtney (Roby) and myself are the old guys. We still feel like we have a ball left to play. Hopefully we are playing well and bringing the young guys along.”


How have the young guys looked? 


“I think the receiver group as a whole has played pretty well. We have a bunch of guys that are very, very talented and a lot of different guys that can do different things. It’s going to make for one heck of a training camp. That competition should bring out the best in all of us.”


Have all the practices been as intense as today? 


“It’s been pretty intense. I know we don’t have pads on, making contact or anything like that, but guys want to win and we can’t win a game today, but we can beat the defense. The defense probably beat us (today). That’s our goal when we go out.”


Is it a big competition everyday against the defense? 


“All the time. Every drill we want to beat the defense and they want to beat us.”


What is the difference you see in the defense under Rob Ryan? 


“He likes to bring pressure. They’re going to do a ton of different things and give us a ton of different looks and kind of keep guys on their heels.”