Molly Wing’s Flat Stanley Takes New Orleans

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Molly Wing from Washington State mailed her Flat Stanley to a family member in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Molly is in Mrs. Haulman’s kindergarten class  at Chautauqua Elementary School on Vashon Island.

Just so happens, the family member is WGNO ace news reporter Tyler Wing, who was flattered to be the relative Molly Selected.

Stan and Tyler became instant friends and immediately embarked on a tour of New Orleans to complete the project.

Tyler decided to document the F.S. experience and broadcast the story on television for the ABC news affiliate in New Orleans, LA

Turns out, people here  love Flat Stanley! He is now considered a local celebrity in the Crescent City.

Even though F.S. had a wonderful time, he misses Molly tremendously and must return home to Vashon Island.

New Orleans will miss you too Flat Stanley.

You are welcome back here anytime!


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