Stop The Violence March: Remembering Two Caught In The Crossfire in Central City

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stop violence

Emotions were on display as residents took to the streets in Central City this evening.

“It’s been really tough. I mean just the news, the way that we lost her. I mean she didn’t do anything wrong just go and return a rental car. It’s been rough for my whole especially my mother,” cries Laura Pierce, the sister of Shawanna Pierce who was gunned down a year ago today.

Shawanna’s mother could not even walk as crowds gathered to remember her daughter and memorialize the spot where she took her last breath.

“She left behind 3 sons,” says Laura Pierce, “They’ve all had their birthdays this year without their mom.”

The boys were numb today. Laura Pierce says at times they’re afraid to step outside.

Their mother, Shawanna Pierce, was gunned down exactly a year ago. She was caught in the crossfire. Her life cut short when a bullet pierced her car and struck her in the head. Also killed was 5-year-old Briana Allen.

Tonight Allen’s grandmother stands with Shawanna’s family. Both families marching and pleading for healing.

“That was my love. That was my granddaughter. 5-years-old she had just graduated the day before that. That was my love,” says Esther Allen.

They are two families torn by violence. They are two of several families mourning throughout the city. Two families that admit the pain is still there, but for them justice has been served.

“It’s not going to bring her back, but it did bring us a little sense of peace knowing that the guys who did it are behind bars and they’re going to pay for what they did,” says Laura Pierce.

The District Attorney’s office says tonight five men are behind bars. Of those Sam Newman, Demond Sandifer, Tyron Harden and Stanton Guillory are charged with the murder and face life in prison. Antonio Johnson faces 50-plus years for being an accessory after the fact. All five have been linked to the 110’ers gang.

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  • Bro. Keith X Hudson

    Cameras, signs, poverty pimps. Plentiful in Central City. They have no morals & principles. It's sad, but its repeatedly taking place at the expense of OUR CHILDREN!!!!

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