Mistake on Civil War Soldier’s Gravestone?

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There’s a military mystery at Chalmette National Cemetery, this Memorial Day.

In Section 56 at the Chalmette National Cemetery sits one soldier’s gravestone that’s raising eyebrows.  What’s etched on Civil War Army soldier, William McCann’s headstone is what has visitors to the Cemetery scratching their heads.

It reads that McCann was born on December 31st in 1887 and died on December 25th in 1881.  That would make his age approximately, negative 6, which is obviously impossible.

“I don’t know how that works.  The stone cutter owes someone an explanation.  I think it’s an engraving mistake,”  Ed Palen said.

While some visitors think it’s a grave mistake, Army Veteran, Mike Schneider has another theory.

“I think it’s just worn.  I really think it should be 1837 and not 1887.  The elements and weather have gotten to it to make it look like an 8,”  Schneider said.

Whether it’s the weather’s fault or an etching mistake, these folks agree that no soldier should be memorialized with a gravestone that makes you wonder.

Palen said, “Correct it.  Find out who this William McCann is and make it right.”

McCann belonged to the Joseph A. Mower Post #1 Grand Army Republic stationed in Louisiana.