Places to Keep Cool

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It isn’t officially summer just yet, but hot temperatures probably have you reaching for water and sunscreen. Here are a few places around the city where you can stay cool. Audubon Park is a great place to enjoy a nice day outside because of the convenient watering holes along the walking trails.

If you really want to get wet, try the rooftop pool at The Roosevelt downtown. The pool isn’t always open to locals but they are running a special for New Orleanians to enjoy. “It’s one of our favorite things to do each summer, we call it rooftop at The Roosevelt and basically if you purchase any 50 minute spa treatment, we’ll give you a day pass to this beautiful rooftop pool,”  says Spa Manager Debra Oakley.

Or why not cool down with an icy drink on Superior Seafood’s climate controlled patio, designed with a Crescent City summer in mind.

“What we have is units that blow air and it hits the garage doors at an angle where it circles the air back down, kind of keeps a circulating flow of air in case it’s too hot or humid,” says Manager john Michael Rowland. He describes his perfect day on the patio, “ I’d probably do a frozen French 75, my wife would do a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc we’d eat a couple of oysters maybe even throw in some boiled crawfish while they’re still in season and just sit back and relax and enjoy what New Orleans is, which it might be hot but it’s still fun.”

For more information on The Roosevelt summer spa special or the outdoor patio at Superior seafood, visit: