New Orleans quirkiness gone overboard

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New Orleans is a quirky place.  The land of open container laws and drive through daiquiri shops.  The home of festival after festival, like this weekends Greek Fest.   The party just goes on and on and on.

But sometimes the quirkiness isn’t a good thing.  Like in the French Quarter where some neighbors are protesting the possibility of a new establishment in a long-abandoned building.

A New York man has received approval from the city council to locate his restaurant, “Habana Outpost”, at the blighted corner of North Rampart and Esplanade.  The problem is, like in many instances in New Orleans, the neighbors don’t want to see it happen.

The Vieux Carre commission votes next on allowing the potential restaurant and some neighbors have threatened a lawsuit if the commission allows it.

There are too by examples of overzealous neighbors complaining about projects planned for their neighborhood that make the city of New Orleans better.

Want some examples?  How about the Walmart near Jackson and Tchoupitoulas? Or the Whole Foods grocery in the old bus barn on magazine? Remeber that protest? Or how about the Pilates studio tight across the street? Or the Audubon Golf Course and Club House down the block?   Yeah, a lot of neighbors in uptown were against that one, too.  Even the Walgreens on Magazine.  I could on and on.

Just because you live in a particular neighborhood in New Orleans doesn’t necessarily mean you represent what’s best for the neighborhood.  Just look no further than the “Habana Outpost” protestors in the French Quarter and their potential lawsuit.  This is a quirkiness we can do without.

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