U.S. Coast Guard marks National Boating Safety Week

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Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer and prime boating season, so the U.S. Coast Guard kicked off National Boating Safety Week to make sure all boaters they have all the appropriate gear and safety equipment.

Coast Guard officers say your life jacket is only a life saver if you’re wearing it. Also, make sure you have flares, a fire extinguisher, anchor, and other required equipment.

“This equipment is important for us, for the members on board the vessel, in case they get into an emergency where they have to jettison or have to leave the vessel, or if they start sinking and taking on water,” explains Petty Officer Ken Cholak.

Coast Guard officers want to remind everyone that it’s not just important to have all the proper and required safety equipment, but you must know how to use it, too.

And as always, never drink and drive a boat.