Pelicans can’t go back to back, get 6th pick

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PelicansThe New Orleans Pelicans were hoping for some lottery luck two years in a row.

But, it wasn’t meant to be.

The Pelicans will pick 6th in the upcoming NBA draft. Orlando had the most chance to get the first pick, but Cleveland got the pick for the second time in three seasons.

Among the New Orleans contigent in New York was franchise forward Anthony Davis. One year ago, New Orleans celebrated as the then Hornets moved up from the three spot to get Davis with the first pick in the draft.

General manager Dell Demps said the Pelicans were a bounce of a ping pong ball away from getting the third pick in the upcoming draft. “We needed a five or a four for the last lottery ball and we would have had the third pick in the draft.  The last ball was a six, either a four or a five and we would’ve had it.”

Demps said New Orleans can acquire a quality player with the 6th pick.

“We think it’s a deep draft and we’ll be able to add a contributor.  We think that it could be a different type of guy,”said Demps. “It could be a guy that’s ready to play right away or it could be a developmental type guy.  Monty (Williams) and I will sit down and evaluate every option that we have.”

Last year’s 6th pick went to Portland. The Trailblazers draft guard Damian Lillard from Weber State. Lillard went on to win Rookie of the Year honors.