Fundraiser To Pay For Crime Cameras Near Mother’s Day Shootings

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In the wake of last week’s Mother’s Day shootings, a fundraising effort is underway to help pay for crime cameras in the 7th ward neighborhood where the shootings happened.

“I was cleaning my house; maybe 20 minutes later that’s when the commotion started,” homeowner Doris Loza said.

Doris Loza says the Mother’s Day celebration in her 7th ward neighborhood was just starting, when the fun was cut short by rapid gunfire, and injuries to match.

“I think that’s ridiculous,” Loza said. “We are human beings.” “I don’t know why we treat each other that way.” “They look like some people come from a different planet to tell you the truth the way those people are.”

It was a private security camera that helped lead police to two suspects now charged with the crime.

Now Project NOLA is working to build a network of high-definition cameras near the shooting scene; to not only solve more crimes, but also prevent them from happening.

“Hopefully get the crime to go down,” said Project NOLA Director Bryan Lagarde.

Under Project NOLA’s corporate match program the out of pocket cost to residents is normally around $3-hundred dollars.

But people in this 7th ward neighborhood who’ve expressed interest in getting cameras say the cost is still too much.

That’s why Project NOLA is asking the public to support its fundraising campaign.

“For 45-hundred dollars we’ll be able to do ten high-definition cameras in the area,” Lagarde said. “So that’s what we’re shooting for.”

“I think it’s a great idea; it’s probably been overdue,” homeowner Anita Mouton said.

If the campaign is successful, the out of pocket cost to residents will drop to a one-time fee of   about $100-hundred dollars.

“I think most in our area if you say we need $100 dollars for you if you can stretch out your budget to put a camera i think most of us will go for it at least i will go for it for $100 dollars,” Loza said. “But $300 is a lot.”

So far, the campaign has raised 7-hundred dollars.

If you would like to help put cameras near Frenchman and N. Villere, simply contact Project NOLA (504) 298-9117 or follow

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  • AhContraire

    If those neighborhood homes can't afford a one time fee of $300 and are living paycheck to paycheck, why should they be throwing Second Line Parades in the first place?

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