President Obama is in trouble

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The president is in trouble.  Just a mere 4 months into his 2nd term, Barack Obama has trouble in front of him and on the horizon.

First, Benghazi.  This is a screw up of monumental proportions.  Four Americans dead because of a lack of security at a foreign embassy in a volatile part of the world, Libya.  The only saving grace the president has is that Benghazi was a mistake.  A screw up.  Nothing deliberate.

If only the president could say the same about not one, not two, but three other scandals rocking his presidency.

The admittance of the Internal Revenue Service of hassling ultra-right wing groups, like the Tea Party, for no particular reason except to neuter them during election time, is beyond inexcusable.  This administration directing a government agency to attack a political enemy could be criminal.  Is anyone actually believing an overzealous group of IRS workers in Cincinnati scrutinized right wing groups all by themselves?!?

If the IRS scandal wasn’t enough, apparently the Environmental Protection Agency was doing the same thing: attacking ultra-right wing political groups to thwart their efforts and rights to oppose this president’s re-election.

Too bad the scandals don’t stop there.

This administration, under United States Attorney General Eric Holder, went on a fishing expedition at the Associated Press, seizing phone records they had no legal right seizing.  What ever happened to freedom of the press?!?

Benghazi.  The IRS.  The EPA.  The AP.  This president, in a matter of weeks, has seen his world turned upside down.  Four major scandals that simple will not go away any time soon.  And shouldn’t.  The American people deserve real answers on all of them.

This president has a lot of explaining to do.