Gretna Man Says He Was Humiliated During Strip Search

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strip_searchDid a search for illegal drugs in Jefferson Parish go too far??

A Gretna man claims he was strip searched and humiliated in front of neighbors.

Darian Trotter has details and what deputies have to say about the stop.

“I heard him hollering and screaming,” witness Whitney Sylve said. “That’s something I have never ever heard him do before.”

Whitney Sylve is mortified after she says she saw her boyfriend and father of her two children strip-searched in public.

And that’s not all.

“From my observation, they was going in the man’s rectum,” Raymond Durant said.

“That hurted, cuz i never wanted to witness nothing like that,” Sylve said.

It happened Wednesday on Hinyub Street in Gretna.

Raymond Durant used his cell phone to record it from his second floor apartment.

“I wanted to make sure everybody was doing everything by the book,” Durant said.

“Raymond if you’re going to stand there and video tape us why don’t you just come down here and do it,” a narcotics officer could be heard saying off camera.

Witnesses say narcotics detectives dragged Samuels from his car at gunpoint, then placed handcuffs on his wrists and ankles.

A search of his car for drugs turned up nothing, that’s when officers allegedly conducted a cavity search; using flash lights to obstruct Durant’s camera.

“They violated his civil right now,” Durant said. “You don’t dig in a man’s rectum.” “You don’t sodomize a man on the street in front of all his neighbors and friends.”

We spoke to Samuels Friday by phone, from the Jefferson Parish Jail.

Trotter asked, “Did you give them permission to conduct a cavity search?’

Samuels replied, “No sir.” ‘They asked me to turn around.”‘ “I turned around, they took a flashlight in my behind,” he said. “They didn`t see nothing so i turned back around.”

That’s when Samuels says he was violated by several plain clothes officers.

“He was standing up with the officers surrounding him, laughing making comments about how nice his butt was and soft it was,” Sylve said.” Trotter asked, “You heard this?” “I heard this, yes,” Sylve said.

“There’s just no excuse for treating someone that way,” Marjorie Esman said.

Marjorie Esman is with the ACLU.

“For law enforcement to comment on somebody’s anatomy that i would say constitutes as sexual harassment,” Esman said. “This is abuse.”

Witnesses say Samuels yelled out in pain.

“Loud enough for me to hear him from my stairs,”  Durant said.

Trotter asked Samuels by phone, “Have you received medical treatment?”

‘”Yes, I did see uh, uh a doctor,” Samuels replied.

Trotter asked, “What are your injuries?”

“I’m scared to use the restroom because my buttocks still hurt,” Samuels replied.

The family has filed a complaint with the N.A.A.C.P.

“That is not only a violation of civil rights but a violation of human rights,” Danatus King said.

In a statement, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office says a narcotics investigation led to the stop.” (In which) “Officers conducted a search that was shielded from public view,” Spokesman John Fortunato said.

“It could not have been too good a job that was done if the public was still able to see the gentleman’s private parts,” King said.

Investigators say they removed 0.6-grams of crack cocaine, from Samuels’ rectum.

“Regardless of what it is they think he did, regardless of what it was they ultimately found, there are other ways they could have conducted the search and gotten the exact same materials that they got,” Esman said.

“They just think because they have that badge they can do whatever they please,” Sylve said.

Fortunato went on to say, “If at any time the family believes officers acted inappropriately, by violating civil rights or department policy, they’re encouraged to file a complaint with U.S. Department of Justice.”

Samuels denies having drugs. However, he was charged with possession of crack cocaine.

The case is being investigated by JPSO’S Internal Affairs division.

Likewise, the N.A.A.C.P is investigating; as the family looks into legal recourse.


  • keith hudson

    Apparently the FBI, the U.S. Attorney's Office, the U.S. Justice Dept. have no jurisdiction over Gretna Police. This racist police dept have been violating Africans rights for years and NOTHING has come from this. They shot over citizens heads during Katrina, and the federal government under Letten found nothing wrong with that. They sic a patrol dog on another African, bit his genitals, and nothing was done about that. They tasered a child and nothing was done about that. The ACLU is a joke! The NAACP has to get permission to do anything. What's left for Us to do about those Klansmen?

  • Raymond durant

    We need a new hate crime bill in play asap to stop law enforcement from racial profiling our black men and putting them in jail for things they haven’t even done. Our civil rights don’t mean anything anymore in this country even while we have a black president. These Are hate crimes that law enforcement are commeting and it’s like no one care. Now a days you can’t fight a gay person without being charged with a hate, and even White folks can’t use
    the N word in a disrespectful manor or they get charge with hate crimes. So what happens to cops when they beat us, strip us down and even to the point of no underwear on the street in plain site of the public? I’ll tell you,,, Nothing but todays it ends for all of America not just black people but all people….I believe this should be bigger then the Rodney King beating. Mr King was beaten by 4 white cops in La Calif in 1991-92 and was beat half to death and with video they where let off there times and that’s what cause the LA riots in 1992 which started on Florence and Normandy. But Tory Samuels was handcuffed and held by 6 white cops took his clothes off on the street in the eyes of the public and they put on a black glove and inter his rectum. He scram for dear life while the the officers stood around made jokes about how soft and pretty his buttocks where… This is bigger then Rodney king but until the people of Jefferson parish and the rest of America alone with support from Obama make a stand now, today, then it never stops and your kids and there kids will have suffer this evil racial profiling.

    Read more:

  • UncleTom

    Its so embarrassing to always to always see ppl jump to conclusions prior to knowing the facts. If in fact Mr.Samuels rights were violated, then I would be fair to spew the vitrol towards the officers.But how many times does Danatus King have to get on Tv, ridicule the process only to endure egg on his face when the facts come out? I believe without a doubt that drugs were retrieved from anus, however I’m willing to wait before I convict him (samuels) in court of public opinion.

    • Raymond durant

      Amazon your saying that Becuz there’s at lease 5 eye witnesses to the these sexual assult crimes these officer commented on Mr Samuels. Whether he had sumthg in his ass or not they are not medical personal and there’s no right for to do what they did to him. And it’s a violation of human and civil rights what they did is a violation of the 4th and 8th amendment to the U.S constitution every but of crack the they say they took out of Samuels will be inadmissible in a court of law Becuz it was taking off of his person illegally.

      • Raymond durant

        No DA in his right mind will even except these charges. It’s already in the media and it being investigated by a number none profit org and the fbi NAACP the ALCU.

  • Raymond durant

    I Dr R L Johnson is no coward and in order for you to make such a reply with out facts only shows the white sheet u ware over your white head. UN like you hiding with no name attached I stand boldly with all my facts and all my power. And further comments address them to 5125526975.

  • Raymond durant

    Further staying I’m aware of my facts and I’m aware of my history here in the heart of the south of the racism and hearted towards blacks and the lower class white folks simply when you start talking of your self opinions no that the fact is the mother of all fuck Ups u just did coward!!!

  • John Citizen

    iam white and a law abiding citizen who can atest to the a-hole JPRD cops…you can hear for your self the prick, things he is so bad, bullying loser cop say…to guy filming..'whyt don't you come down here'..HES NOT STUPID..SO THEY CAN TRUMP UP CHARGES, BEAT HIM, TAKE THE PHONE AND DO THERE USUAL COVER UP..and Fortunato…what an ass kissing BS idiot…'they investigate nothing'..there Inteal Affairs is a f-ing joke just like the rest of the high school mediocray bullying, hateful, give me a gun & badge power tripping punks in that dept..YES PUNKS…not heroes…want to throw up when i hear that

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