More Suspects Arrested in Mother’s Day Second Line Shootings

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The number of arrests in the Mother’s Day second-line shooting stands at six.

Police are throwing the book at two-brothers accused of the attack and anybody who helped them.

The NOPD arrested  24-year-old Shawn Scott early Thursday morning in New Orleans East, just blocks away from where they arrested his 19-year-old brother Akein the night before.

Supt. Ronal Serpas says both Scott brothers are accused of opening fire into the crowd, “Shawn Scott, Akein’s big brother, also participated in this crime and has been charged with 20 counts of second degree attempted murder. He and his brother worked in concert in this shooting. There were people we are sure they were trying to hurt. ”

Serpas says four others are charged with obstruction of justice for  harboring a fugitive, “Four people were aware that Akein Scott was wanted for last Sunday`s shooting but did not turn him in and instead provided him aid and comfort.”

Police say the accomplices are 22 year old Bionca Hickerson, 18 year old Brandy George,  19 year old Justin Alexander and 32 year old Nekia Youngblood.

The bail for the four arrested who allegedly helped the Scott brothers was set at $10,000 each.

Akien Scotts bail was set at $10 million dollars.

His brother Shawn’s bail will be determined on Friday.