Mother’s Day shooting

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What happens when white people abandon the public schools system in New Orleans?   What happens when black folks come in and take over and do the same crooked stuff their white predecessors were doing before?   What’s the result today when this phenomenon took place decades ago?  Answer: The chickens come home to roost!

20 people injured, including 2 10-year-olds, and all on Mother’s Day.  Why does this type of thing happen in New Orleans?  And who’s to blame?

This stuff happens entirely too frequently in New Orleans because too many teenage kids have little to no parenting and lack a basic education which produces an absence of morals, empathy, and hope.

Who’s to blame?   All of us.  This is as much a black problem as it is a white one.  Blaming one race or the other accomplishes nothing.  This is a community problem and it has been for nearly half a decade.  Expecting any other result would be illogical.

When you had an education system that was at or near the bottom in the entire United States decade after decade, the obvious result will be uneducated kids.  Broken kids that know nothing more than life on the streets. We’ve produced a bunch of ruthless killers that don’t care about what we hold dear.

Yeah, we’re all to blame for this.  Did you honestly expect a different result?  The sooner we all realize this is a community problem, the quicker we can fix the problem.

Or you can continue to put your head in the sand and blame someone else.  It’s your choice.