50 Years Ago “My Way” Was a Hit record, Today It’s a Baby Killer

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On the same day actress Angelina Jolie “announced” she had undergone a preventative, double-mastectomy(1), a federal appeals panel announced it is considering the Obama administration’s request to delay releasing the abortifacient drug sold under the brand name “My Way-Emergency Contraceptive”(2).  The delay is so Obama and his Margaret Sanger inspired henchmen might fully implement their rules for the drug’s distribution. Thus we have one announcement that seeks the preservation of Ms Jolie, wife and mother of 6’s life and one that ends the life of future playmates for the Jolie brood.

Those that are promoting the My Way drug say it will give young women, read pre-teens as young as 12, more “control over their own reproductive health”. To think that a mere 50 years ago girls exercised total control over such biological decisions by aspiring to bear children after they were married. Today, marriage is something you do to impress your Facebook friends and collect photographs to post on Instagram.

Charles Murray in his must read book “Coming Apart-The State of White America…” informs us that in 1915, white women having out of wedlock babies(3) made up a mere 2% of the population, today that number is over 33% but here’s the catch. The number is reduced radically the longer the lass stays in school, as the marriage rate increases AND the divorce rate declines. You are probably wondering just how is all this connected and the answer is revolution as in sexual revolution.

Lower to middle class young girls, emancipated from courtship and marital traditions by the revolution have become pawns in the revolution’s continuing experiment. The My Way drug is just the latest population control scheme hatched by those who hatched the revolution and the ersatz family the State has become.

Ms. Jolie’s story is a hopeful one and I’m glad to see it portrayed as a mother yearning for stability in her kids lives; something the young girls who are goaded into using “My Way” will probably never experience.


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