Port of South Louisiana’s new director is just Louisiana politics as usual

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The Port of South Louisiana is the largest tonnage port in the western hemisphere and one of the largest in the world.  Two-thirds of all U.S. grain goes through the port.  As a matter of fact, 15% of all U.S. exports go through the Port of South Louisiana.  Coupled with the Port of New Orleans and the Port of Baton Rouge, the south Louisiana port system, from the state capital to the mouth of the river, is the single largest port system in the world!

Makes you wonder why “the good ole boy” network is still in place.

Joel Chaisson, the director of the Port of South Louisiana is stepping down.  Instead of conducting a national search with an independent group compiling a list of potential candidates from around the country – if not around the world – the Port of South Louisiana hired from within, again.

Paul Aucoin, like Chaisson before him, was an attorney for the port.  And just like Chaisson, he is ascending to the top position at the port.

I have nothing against Chaisson or Aucoin, but why wouldn’t the port conduct a national search for a port director instead of hiring from within?

The Port of South Louisiana is too important for politics as usual.  It’s a huge economic engine for the region.  Maybe Aucoin would have gotten the job either way, but he would have earned it instead of just being part of the “good ole boy” network.

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