New Orleans reporter is victim of Mother’s Day shooting

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – One of the victims of the Mother’s Day second line shooting is a reporter for the New Orleans magazine “Gambit”.

Deborah Cotton covers the second line and brass band scene, and she had happily tweeted that morning that people should come out to the traditional mother’s day second line.

Cotton, who covers the beat as “Big Red Cotton, has often commented on violence in New Orleans, and how the media unfairly associates the second line culture with violence.

A year ago, she was discussing violence and second lines in the interview series “The Angle” and gave this analysis of what often leads to parade shootings.

“In the cultural community, a lot of our events are out in the public, out in the street.  So, at any given moment, something can jump off.  If you are at a second line on Sunday, if you are at a show, if you’re on the neutral ground at a DJ party; at any of these events. It’s not necessarily members of the culture who are perpetrating these violent cases, it generally is not. It’s usually someone who has a beef with someone and they know that they are going to be able to find them there.”

Sounds like she’s describing what happened to her and the other 18 victims.

Gambit says Cotton is in guarded,  but stable condition.

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