Leaders meet at Mother’s Day shootings site, demand change

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“This is a big issue. It’s as deep as the Mississippi is deep and as murky as the Mississippi is murky,” says community leader Fred Johnson.

“We also need to stop upholding our children’s wrong. If you know your children are doing wrong, stop them from doing wrong,” says social worker Jessica Stange.

“How do you want the Seventh Ward to say where the guns are? You want me to get in the car with you now and take you where the guns are? We ain’t better not telling. We are telling,” sad resident Dyan French.

Tempers soared as a passionate crowd gathered on the corner on Frenchmen and North Villere, the site of yesterday’s senseless violence.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu organized tonight’s Community Response.

“We all came out here to basically reclaim this spot and say what happened yesterday in. This spot does not reflect who people in New Orleans are,” said Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

The Big 7 Social Aid and pleasure club plans to have another second line in the same area hoping this one does not end with violence. That are planning it in June 2nd.