St. Tammany Outreach for the Prevention of Suicide/Virginia Blanke Briant/Suicide Survivor

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Anne Cutler talks to Virginia Blanke Briant about her many different roles in the volunteer group that provides community programs in an effort to lower the suicide rate and assist suicide victims’ families.

STOPS / 985-237-5506 /

Warning Signs of Suicide

If someone you know:

  • Talks about suicide or wanting to die
  • Has experienced a recent loss, failure, humiliation or conflict
  • Shows recent changes in mood, behavior or interests (positive or negative)
  • Appears sad, depressed, withdrawn
  • Previous suicide attempts or self harm
  • Abuses or increased use of alcohol or drugs

You Can Help!

  • Stay calm and listen to their feelings
  • ASK if they have suicidal thoughts or feelings
  • Take threats seriously!
  • Don’t swear to secrecy
  • GET HELP! You can’t do it alone!
  • Contact family, friends, youth pastors, teachers, counselors, coaches, doctors or crisis lines, or hospital ER


 Please contact the St. Tammany Community Health Center if you are in need of counseling.  The phone number is 985-607-0400.  They are located in Slidell.  They work on a sliding scale fee and no one is turned away.  Patients can usually be seen within about a week, and if it is determined necessary, patients will be seen immediately.  A Covington office will be opening in the Summer of 2013.

American Association of Suicidology – Dedicated to the Understanding and Prevention of Suicide. (

American Foundation for Suicides Prevention (AFSP)

National Strategy for Suicide Prevention (NSSP)

NAMI St. Tammany (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

Suicide Prevention Advocacy Network (SPAN)

Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline 1.800.273.TALK (Press 1 for veterans)