Gang Sweep Lands 13 Behind Bars

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  15-gang members are facing prosecution in what authorities are calling “one of the largest gang-sweeps in the city’s history.”

Prosecutors say gang members are responsible for at least 10 deaths; including the little girl killed last May at a birthday party.

“It shocked me at first that I was seeing him holding up a gun shooting toward the avenue,” the victim’s aunt Joycelyn Allen said.

It’s a day Joycelyn Allen won’t soon forget; the day her 5-year old cousin was caught in gang crossfire.

Last May loved ones were gathered for a birthday party in front of the family’s Central City home, when their lives were forever changed.

“Before you knew it all kinds of guns started ringing out,” Allen said.

When the dust settled little Brianna Allen was critically injured, and later died.

“Just that short afternoon we recognize how dangerous and fragile things can be when gangs operate without any fear,” New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas said.

Members of local, federal, and state law enforcement gathered nearly one year later, to announce arrest warrants for members of the 110’ers street gang.

In all, 15 are charged in connection with multiple murders, including Brianna’s.

“They need to be locked up,” Allen said. WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter asked, “Why?” “Cuz all this killing they doing,” Allen replied.

Prosecutors are calling it “the most sweeping street-gang indictment in New Orleans history.”

Central City neighbors like Rosie Davis are applauding the arrests.

“Baby, I done had four murders,” Davis said. “No five; I done five murders.”

JONES13 of the suspects are now in custody.

Police are closing in on Joshua Pittman and Ja’on Jones.

“We are taking our streets back for the law abiding citizens of this community,” District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro said.

“Yeah it will make it safer,” Davis agreed. “It will make it safer.”

Joycelyn says news of the arrests brings closure to the Allen family.

“We got them,” she said. “Now Bre’ can rest, cause we got em you know.”

Late Thursday Pittman and Jones had not been arrested.

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