Robbery Victim Pins Down Attacker

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TYRONE JOHNSONA robbery victim is being hailed a hero by some Uptown neighbors.

Darian Trotter spoke to the man who pinned down his attacker until police arrived.

“At first I was really just trying to protect myself and guard my face,” Jake Kelston said.

Shock and disbelief are how Jake Kelston describes his initial reaction to Wednesday morning’s attack.

He was completely caught off guard when two masked me jumped him on his front porch.

One of them allegedly grabbed his laptop and ran; leaving the second man to deal with one angry victim.

It didn’t turn out well, police say, for 22-year old Tyrone Johnson.

“I don’t know if he was just a bad fighter or weak or dumb or slow but he really couldn’t hold his own,” Kelston remembered.

It’s not the first time in recent weeks that intended victims fought back.

Camera video shows how a man starring down the barrel of a shotgun disarmed his attacker in the French Quarter.

And another man had to have surgery to remove a bullet from his shoulder; after he got into a scuffle with an armed robber.

“I think we’re all fed up,” neighbor Barbara Mazzanti said.

“The times we’re living in it’s like the wild wild west,” neighbor Henry DeMatteo said.

“So I glanced over my shoulder…”

Kelston showed us how he fought with Johnson, and then wrestled him down.

“I kind of pressed him against the wall here for a bit and then I got his head in between my knees and kind of put him in a lock there,” Kelston described.

“That couldn’t have been easy to do because he was trying to get away the whole time; I’m sure,” Mazzanti said.

“His head was like right here and I was standing on top of his arms,” Kelston said.

Until police arrived.

“I’m glad it worked out for the guy in the French quarter and I’m especially glad it worked out for our neighbor,” Mazzanti said.

“I feel very fortunate that they didn’t have any weapons on them,” Kelston admitted.

Police are still searching for the second suspect.

Even though Kelston’s actions led to an arrest, police discourage victims from taking the law into their own hands.