The Marketplace UNFairness Act Shows The Old South Is Dying

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When the Framers of the Constitution created the United States Senate, they could not possibly have known that the office would become a larger version of the House of Representin’. Writing to Thomas Jefferson shortly after the Federal Convention had concluded business, James Madison said the “…Senate will represent the States in their [political capacity.]” When the same Senate gave its approbation to the “Marketplace Fairness Act”(2) it delivered on that promise for maybe the first time since 1913 and the 17th Amendment’s enactment(3).

Never mind that this was a delivery of the unconstitutional variety since Congress has no authority to set tax policy for the several states. Still, Senators fabricating constitutional excuses for their corrupt Acts is nothing new but what is new is the unraveling of the South as politically old fashioned. Old fashioned Southerners would recoil at the Federal Government ruling roughshod over the prerogatives of the states yet 16 Senators from States of the Old South voted “yea” on the “Marketplace UNFairness Act”; a measly 7 voted “nay”. In fact, the delegations from AL, NC, MS, TN and VA voted unanimously(4) for what amounts to the “Hail Mary” of big government; a desperate attempt to keep the profligate spending of other people’s money going for another round of legislative frat parties at “Iya Taka Yomoney.” What’s a [r]epublican of the Old South to do!?

The only “fair” thing about requiring everyone who shops online to pay sales taxes to their states for the privilege of purchasing goods in another state is the equality of misery it spreads. Sales taxes are brutal acts against free people in free societies and have, throughout history, produced violent revolts such as the one we like to call the “Boston Tea Party”. I seem to recall a war was fought over that one but never fear, the war for our subjugation has already been fought and the guys with bad hair pieces, gavels and guns have won…for now, what’s fair about that?

1. Madison wrote in part “The general authority will be derived entirely from the subordinate authorities. The Senate will represent the States in their political capacity; the other House will represent the people of the States in their individual capac[it]y. The former will be accountable to their constituents at moderate, the latter at short periods.”


3.  Amendment 17 was ratified on 08 April, 1913


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