Mayor Uses NOLA Anny To Give State Of The City Address

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Mayor Mitch Landrieu used the anniversary of the founding of New Orleans as the day to give his State of the City speech.

The mayor talked about the new business that’s moving to the city as well as New Orleans’ improving national reputation for business and technology.

The mayor told the crowd of the city’s work to improve the blight problem and to help more people become home owners.

He said, despite the blackout, the Super Bowl in February was one of the most successful ever for the NFL and any host city.

But the mayor also spoke of the problems ahead.

“A dysfunctional criminal justice system, crumbling infrastructure in roads, sewerage and water board reform, and fire fighter pension problems just to name a few small ones,” the mayor said.

He also said, while there’s a lot of work to do to improve the city’s crime problem, murders are down 15% this year over the same period in 2012.