CCC toll vote is a victory for citizens

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Citizens 1, politicians zero.

It was a good day on Saturday as the righteous won out over the not-so-righteous.  Saturday’s overwhelming defeat of the Crescent City Connection toll renewal proposition was a major victory for us and a major blow to the status quo, the politicians and politics of the past.

Rarely, if ever, are we allowed a “do over” in an election, but that’s exactly what we got.  A Baton Rouge judge ruled the original election null and void and we got to do it all over again on Saturday.  And this time the vote went against the politicians and for the citizens.

The toll renewal part of the vote almost became an incidental.  What many area voters did on Saturday was indeed vote against the toll renewal, but maybe more importantly, voted against politics as usual.  The same dysfunctional so-called leaders, who have done anything but lead, desperately wanted the renewal.  It was a $20+ million a year patronage cow.  Now these dopey, politically connected, crooked contractors will have to go find their free money elsewhere.

The fear of the bridge now going into disrepair is exactly that, a fear.  And an unfounded one.  The bridge will be fine.  And so will the motorists of the city not having to pay that unnecessary toll.  A victory for the people.  Only the politicians don’t like this one.