Police Looking for Cab Driver Accused of Raping a Passed Out Pasenger

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New Orleans police released a computer sketch of a cab driver accused of sexually assaulting a passenger in the Carrolton area early Thursday morning.

“She passed out in the back seat,” SAYS Supt. Ronal Serpas. “She was awakened by the cab driver sexually assaulting her.”

Serpas says the driver then dropped the victim off a few blocks from her intended destination, “The victim very smartly went to a medical facility for an examination and notified the police immediately.”

“That throws a whole new wrench in it,” says Parasol`s bartender Billy Nothnagle.

Nothnagle says this isolated crime will enhance how he looks out for customers safety, “We`re going to have to take extra precaution, take an extra step. Make sure we get the cab number, license plate number, who it is. Maybe what time they picked them up. Maybe even tell an address where they are going to so they know.”

The N.O.P.D  is reaching out to other cab drivers for help, “You know who this guy is,” says Serpas.  “You know who he is! We`re coming to get him.”

Until an arrest, The N.O.P.D. is not disclosing the cab companies name or if the vehicle was equipped with cameras and location-tracking software, now required by law.

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