New Olreans Cop Wants Manslaughter Case Moved

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allenThere are new developments in the case of a New Orleans police officer indicted for shooting an unarmed teen.

The officer’s attorney wants the case moved out of New Orleans.

“I don’t see any reason the case should be moved out of Orleans Parish,” said Lionel Lon Burns.

Burns is reacting to the latest development in the case of Wendell Allen.

The unarmed 20-year old was shot in the chest last March during a drug raid at his family’s Gentilly home.

New Orleans police office Joshua Colclough is accused of firing the fatal shot.

He’s been indicted for manslaughter.

His defense attorney is now asking for a change of venue.

“They’re arguing that because he’s was a New Orleans police officer the jurors cannot be fair,” Burns said. “Certainly Orleans Parish jurors can be fair to New Orleans police officers because they realize this is one officer whose on trial, charged with manslaughter.”

Burns points to another high-profile court case in which New Orleans police officers were accused of killing and later convicted by a jury of their peers.

“I point simply to the Danzinger case,” Burns explained. “That is something that happened in the Orleans Parish; it was tried by persons from Orleans and surrounding parishes.”

Colclough’s attorney believes it would be impossible to find unbiased jurors in New Orleans because he wrote public opinion is divided on racial lines.

Burns asked, “Do jurors in Orleans Parish have issues with the New Orleans Police Department? “Of course but do those issues rise to the level where they would be unfit to serve as jurors? Absolutely not,” Burns said.

Defense council also asked the court to consider allowing a police training expert as a witness; as well as a specialist to determine how

Certain medications affect behavior.

“I think all of those are examples to justify his behavior in shooting an unarmed man,” Burns said.

Defense attorney Claude Kelly could not be reached for comment.

Colclough remains on administrative reassignment.

The case is expected to go to trial this summer.

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