Mia Borders: The Road to Jazz Fest

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It’s Wednesday afternoon at Blue Nile on Frenchmen St. and Mia Borders and her band are rocking and rolling in an empty upstairs room. The floors are vibrating, the sun is shining in through the windows and between songs, very few words are exchanged between band mates. The energy is positive and everyone seems to be on the same page. After going through the set list, I sit down for a one on one interview with Mia.

“Tell me about the road to Jazz Fest,” I begin.

“A lot of once a month gig-ing for a couple hundred bucks split four ways, playing for tips, struggling to write songs I thought were good enough,” replies Borders.

“Jazz Fest is a pretty remarkable experience, just to go, so to be a performer it’s a remarkable experience.”

This is Mia’s fourth year playing at Jazz Fest and her first time on the Acura stage.

“I feel really lucky with the group of guys I have and I’m really lucky to be playing with them, especially at Jazz Fest because it’s so important to me… the history of it all, the history in regards to my family.”  Mia’s grandmother in particular has been invaluable to her music career.

“She always makes it out to Jazz Fest and she always dresses up like it’s a big occasion,” says Borders. Before a big show, the homegrown rock goddess admits she has a few strange habits “I stretch probably unnecessarily, I yawn a lot which I think people probably think is weird because I’m on stage at Jazz fest yawning like I don’t care, but I care.”

“I mean the nerves are still there, the excitement is still there and it’s still as much fun as it used to be. Being in this business is a risk, not going to law school was a risk but I didn’t want to be a lawyer.” This woman was born to perform and her fans are just glad they get to experience part of her journey.

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