Electro-Pop Duo, Capital Cities Releasing Debut Album

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There’s no doubt that Sebu Simonian and Ryan Merchant  of electro-Pop duo, Capital Cities have musical chemistry.

“We got together and the chemistry was instant.  The band got together because I was offering my services on Craigslist as a producer,”  Sebu said.

The duo met in an un-expected way with exceptional results.

“When we work together in the studio it flows.  Very natural, organic.”

This electrifying duo is getting ready to drop their debut album, “In a Tidal Wave of Mystery” the first week of June.  The lead off single, “Safe and Sound” is rising on the Billboard charts.   Their toe-tapping video for the track is getting plenty of buzz.

“We worked with choreographer, Mandy Moore.  Not the singer.  The choreographer, Mandy Moore worked on “So you think you can Dance” and the Oscar-nominated film, “Silver Linings Playbook”.

Capital Cities is from Los Angeles, but they are influenced by the jazz music of New Orleans.

“There is jazz influence in our music, especially with all the trumpeteering we’ve been incorporating into our music.”

The group performed in New Orleans at the House of Blues, earlier this week.  This was their first time in New Orleans, and the fans did not disappoint.

“The New Orleans people are clearly ready to party.  We like to jump up and down and dance with our fans.  There’s something about creating an electro-pop mosh pit.

Chemistry with their fans and chemistry with each other…that’s what makes this duo soar.

“We’ve been lucky to be able to express ourselves through music. We like to create a sense of fun and care-free ness.”

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