Neighbors question police work in killing of Ponchatoula mother

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Some Ponchatoula area neighbors are raising tough questions about the woman allegedly shot to death by her teenage daughter’s ex-boyfriend.

Given the history leading up to the homicide, some people are asking if it could have been prevented.

39-year old April Vanderlinden was shot to death last Tuesday less than an hour after she’d dialed 911.

Police say she’d felt threatened because she’d discovered an article of clothing outside her home that belonged to Ryan Pourciau.

The family had previously filed a restraining order against him.

Deputies responded but Pourciau was nowhere to be found.

Less than an hour later neighbors dialed 911 after hearing gunfire at the home.

April Vanderlinden had been fatally wounded.

Some neighbors believe the system failed the victim and her family.

“If they would have stayed with her I don’t think she would have got shot that morning,” neighbor Kristy Flattmann said.

“I feel like somebody dropped the ball somewhere,” said neighbor Gene Fletcher.

Ryan Pourciau was found the next day inside the victim’s home with a loaded handgun and bullet-proof vest.

He has been charged with first degree murder.

The Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s office is withholding further comment on the case pending the outcome of an independent investigation led by State Police.