I-10 construction in Metairie is typical inconvenience & embarrassment

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It’s been well over a decade now and the I-10 construction continues in Metairie.

The state of Louisiana, with a road and highway construction backlog of over $12 billion, has been widening the Interstate in New Orleans and Metairie since the 90s.  Besides the obnoxious wait, we are clearly getting an inferior product compared to other cities.

The engineering of this project has been suspect at best.  Not only is the finished product obsolete before it opens, the designers of this project have done it 2nd rate.  For example, the ramp from southbound Causeway to eastboiund I-10.  Most commuters would most likely feel its a major improvement over the old circular ramps used to enter the interstate, but in typical Louisiana fashion the ramp was actually done on the cheap.  Instead of entering the interstate correctly, from the right side, the ramp puts you on I-10 in the passing lane, or the left side, of the highway.  Simply not the way to do it.

Another example is how the westbound lanes of I-10 at Causeway is still just 3 lanes wide, like it has been since the 60s.  What an embarrassment.

All this construction.  Over a decade of inconvenience.  And the finished product will essentially add just one lane to the I-10?!?   A 2nd rate job coupled with lousy engineering and design.  Typical Louisiana.  Don’t we deserve better?

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