French Quarter Shooting Startles Those In The Area

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Fortune teller Regina “Gina” Rhodes didn’t predict this one. Tonight she’s in shock, knowing that a man was shot while trying to defend himself on the 600 block of Dumaine, just blocks from where she works on Jackson Square.

“The French Quarter it’s almost like a birthright for New Orleans. It’s the one thing that everybody comes for. It’s what everybody recognizes. It’s what is New Orleans. It’s really, really sad to see people get hurt” says Rhodes.

The victim was hailing a cab with two women by his side around 4:30am when three men came from behind demanding cash. The victim was shot when he tried to take a gun away from one of the men.

“I didn’t hear  a thing,” says Bruce Vara who slept in his home just feet away.

“I don’t like it that we’re the murder capital of the world or the country, but you have to know when you’re walking on the streets you have to be aware,” warns Vara.

Tonight as police search for surveillance video, Gina Rhodes is pretty sure she can predict what’ll happen next.

“Once word gets out and pictures of the guys or descriptions of the guys be shown down on Bourbon Street and on the square. I guarantee you one of the local people who live down here or work down are going to turn them in,” says Rhodes.

As for the victim, we’ve been told he’s from the New Orleans Metro area and he’s recovering tonight from a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

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  • Eve Pitts

    Bruse Vara is living on the streets and his dad has pasted away and Bruse has a big inheritance waiting for him and he doesn't even know, It would be nice if someone would tell him or If I could get an address to send the paperwork to him. All of his paperwork is coming to my house, every time I send it back it comes right back to me. I don't want him to contact me(he knows why) but if I knew someone would give him the message I could give them the address of the lawyer handling it. It would get him off of the streets for a little while anyway.

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