Kid who wore an NRA T-shirt should be studying, not playing with politics

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Did you here the one about the 8th grader from West Virginia who wore an NRA t-shirt to school? (1)   I wish this were a joke.

A 14-year-old kid wore an NRA t-shirt to school and was told by one of his teachers to remove it, or at least, flip it inside out.   The kid refused and was arrested.  According to the sheriff, the kid was arrested for disrupting the school day and for almost causing a riot, not for wearing the t-shirt or its message.

What I want to know is what kind of parents send an 8th grader to school, wearing a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, with a political message printed on it?  Or do you think lil Johnny, at 14, has his own political opinions?   He’s an 8th grader!

After the kid was released from jail and returned to school, the parent put him in the same t-shirt that caused the stir in the first place.  Other parents sent their kids to school wearing NRA shirts as some kind of backwoods West Virginia show of unity.

I’m pretty sure West Virginia is one of the poorest and most uneducated states in the union.  Maybe the kid should be studying in school instead of worrying about politics, especially his parents politics.



  • brian

    :Ok first off the kid wasn’t trying to make a political point he was just wearing a tshirt he wanted to wear. Then some teacher with an i hate guns complex decided to violate his rights to display his view by telling him to hide it which the teacher had no right to do.

    Second what gives you the right to call West Virginians the most uneducated people in the country. Oh let me guess because you think that just because you’re not from the south you’re automatically superior to anyone who is. The fact is most southern states have higher grade point averages and West dropout rates than northern states and large city schools. We also have a higher number of college graduates.

    But something tells me it doesn’t matter how smart we really are you think just because we live south of the mason-dixon line which isn’t even in the south that we’re a bunch of inbreeding banjo picking moonshine drinking hillbilly rednecks who can’t even spell our names right.

    And third the kid wore the shirt again to to show he wasn’t a pussy who backs down when treated like this. And the other kids wore their shirts to support him.

    Forth but i really don’t know why I’m wasting my time saying this because i keep forgetting that libs are so take the tim to read a commen to read a comment posted such A lowly but if they do let but if they do let me apologize for all of us people an and stuck in that we don’ that to be that to be accepted in the mod in the modern intellectual world of today Prius driving whine sipping limp wristed atheist the then make thi this country wors instead of minding their own f.

    nd last but not least. For those of you who oppose firearms and oppose every gun from a bolt action 22 to a Zeus cannon just remember this if it wasn’t for firearms we would not have the rights and freedoms we have today and in order to have the First Amendment right which is the most important right the secon Second the Second Amendment right because without your 2nd Amendment you can’t be be free.

    is a doucheba then please like and share this comment with you then please like and share this comment with your friends thank thank you and God b and God bless america 4 without him nothing is possible.

  • brian

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  • brian

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