Thanks to volunteers everwhere!

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A recent study done on volunteers – even people who only volunteer 2 hours per week – showed a significant connection between volunteering and good health.

The study shows that volunteers live longer, have a higher level of functioning, lower rates of depression, and lower rates of heart disease.

April 21-26 is National Volunteer Week, so be sure to thank all of your volunteers at your institutions.

64 million Americans volunteer for a total of 8 billion hours and save $170 billion every year. See: you guys are worth a lot of money!

In particular, a big thank you to Chetta Yenni, who has been volunteering for 23 years; Irma Lind, a 30 year volunteer; and Cathy Martinez, who’s been volunteering for 34 years.

I thank you all. I couldn’t do my job with out you. Hats off to our volunteers!

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