Tornado Rips Down Transcontinental Drive in Metairie

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“It kind of sounded like hell at one point, just long like coins hitting the ground, ding, ding, ding one after the other,” says Metairie resident Bradley Crochet.

Mangled street signs, downed lights, blown out windows and a toppled truck, that was the site on and around Transcontinental and Veterans in Metairie early Wednesday afternoon.

Tom Bensen was eating lunch when he says, “We just saw a wall of water and then rain blowing sideways, literally, and we just heard things shaking, and we could feel the air pressure change dramatically and we just ran.”

“It was just a big old line, what looked like a tornado to me. I mean, I don’t know what else could cause all that with the vents blown off the top of the restaurants, all the cars blowing out. I have no idea. That was just a weird, strange sound; something I’ve never heard before,” says Crochet.

Those in the area say it sounded like a freight train and looked like a tornado barreling South on Transcontinental Drive towards Veterans. That’s where high winds flung a Salvation Army box truck.

Firefighters say the driver and a passenger escaped unharmed, but were taken by EMS to be checked out. The men told firefighters it was a tornado that pushed them over.

“We were all freaked out, you know. Absolutely, we absolutely were,” says Bensen.

The National Weather Service confirms a tornado did hit the area. It ranked as an EF 0 .