It’s good to be a Heitmeier

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How do I become a Heitmeier?   I’m talking about the political west bank family.  It’s really great to be a Heitmeier.  The pro toll renewal Heitmeiers.

Francis was a longtime Algiers Senator who finally got term-limited out of office and was replaced by his brother, David.  Francis now works for the Nobra  Riverboat Pilots on the river but he actually never goes on the river.  Two of his sons are Nobra riverboat pilots too.  They make between $350,000 and half a million a year.  They got the job strictly because of their last name.

Another brother, Bobby, is also a riverboat pilot.  Not because he possesses special skills, but because of his last name.  Bobby rarely, if ever actually pilots a ship, but he collects a paycheck regularly.   Another half mill a year salary.

Bobby wants his two sons to be riverboat pilots, too.  It’ll probably happen.

David, the senator, isn’t a riverboat pilot but he is an optometrist.  But now he wants to be a doctor apparently and perform surgery.  But that would require medical school and passing the boards and years of residency.  He’s not willing to do that and probably too old now too, so instead, he’s trying to change the law so he and other optometrists can perform surgery like a medical doctor does.  He’ll probably get the measure past into law.

Senators.  Riverboat pilots.  Working for the riverboat pilots.  Change the law so you can become a doctor.  Oh, did I mention the publicly financed soccer complex on the west bank?  The boys passed legislation naming it after their dad.

It’s good to be a Heitmeier.