Uptown Burglary Suspect Wanted

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wanted Some Uptown neighbors are on heightened alert after a string of home burglaries.

“Anytime there’s crime, you get concerned,” Flemming said.

Artist John Flemming has owned and operated a leather-crafts studio in the West Carrollton area since 1984.

So his ears perked up when he heard about the string of recent Uptown burglaries.

Ten have been reported within the past two weeks.

“I’ve got a vested interest here; I don’t like it,” Flemming said.

The most recent residential burglary happened just doors way.

It was around 8:30 Wednesday night in the 14-hundred block of Cambronne Street, when someone broke in and reportedly stole bags of stuff.

Another burglary happened March 30th in the 83-hundred block of Green Street.

Too close for comfort for neighbor Mary Williams.

“I just pry and ask the Lord to shield my house and keep going,” Williams said.

Police are looking for this man.

42-year old James Davis is a suspect in at least two of the burglaries.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter asked, “What’s been the method of operation? He’s either smashing windows or trying to defeat locks,” Commander Noel said.

Second District Commander Paul Noel says police have already increased patrols in the target area.

“They travels a lot through here so that makes me feel more safe with them being here,” Williams said.

Meantime Noel says property owners can take an active role.

“We really do encourage everyone to make sure that there’s adequate lighting and make sure that they have proper locks and their property is properly secured,”  Noel said.

“Well just be on heightened alert, you know,” Flemming said. “I’m gonna make sure doors are locked make sure lights are on.” “And I’m going to talk to my neighbors. I think every neighbor should talk to each other.”

Two arrest warrants have been issued for James Davis.

Second District detectives are interviewing victims and witnesses; because they believe Davis is responsible for as many as six home burglaries.

If you have information that might help, call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.