Spend A Night with Rock N’ Roll Legends

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Ladies and Gentlemen: The Million Dollar Quartet!

Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins. You know the names, you can still sing the songs but this story takes place long before they became cultural icons.

“It’s just on the cusp and there’s such an innocence to the entire thing, there are no rock stars yet. What you see is the audience as a fly on the wall on this day as these guys are about to become the Mt. Rushmore of American music ” says James Barry who plays Carl Perkins in the show.

December 4th, 1956 the four guys met up in Memphis at Sun Records where their careers began.

“It was just one tiny recording studio that created this incredible legacy ” says Ben Goddard, Jerry Lee Lewis in the performance.

This show may take you back to a single night in music history but many of the themes and commentary on the industry are still relevant.

“The Beatles covered more songs by Carl Perkins than any other artist, there were seven total, three of which appeared on their major releases” says Barry. “Nowadays you go to a recording company, there are so many rules you can’t do it like this, you can’t do it like that, this is going to sell that’s going to sell. In those days they were just recording what sounded right to them ” says Goddard.

“That’s kind of the secret weapon is how the story relates to the human condition and everyone can find aspects of these guys to relate to,” says Barry.

Music lovers of any generation can appreciate the talent of these guys as they replicate a historic night. “There’s too many things that have to happen to make someone famous, I just don’t think it could happen” says Goddard.

“Plus no one will be as big as these guys…they changed the world ”  says Cody Slaughter who plays Elvis Presley.