Police Investigating Suspicious Briefcase at Mandeville Post Office

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CaptureMandeville Police are investigating a suspicious briefcase at the post office on Saint Anne Drive. Highways US-190 and LA-22 and businesses in the surrounding area are now open after being closed most of the morning.

Everyone seems to be on high alert after Monday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon, so when a custodian saw the briefcase in a trashcan by the front door of the post office around 6:30 Wednesday morning, police called in the bomb squad.

After using an x-ray machine to examine the briefcase, bomb squad personnel were still not able to determine if it was a bomb or not, so they decided to try to detonate the package by shooting it with a shotgun at about 10 a.m.

No explosion.

At 11 a.m., the bomb squad just began to sift through the pieces of the briefcase to examine the contents, confirming that the briefcase contained only trash (read the Mandeville PD’s official statement here).