NOLA Marathon Runner Says Gravity Of Bombing Attack Is Just Beginning To Sink In

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Guy Norton has run a few marathons.  And he says he’ll run the Boston Marathon again if he qualifies.  But he admits, the gravity of what he experienced this week is really just beginning to sink in.

“Not in my wildest dreams could I have thought this would occur,” Norton said from his Uptown home Tuesday night.  “It’s just a good, wholesome event, and then you have something like this happen.”

Norton says he finished the marathon about 30 minutes before the explosions.  He says he was walking to the city’s subway system with family members when police hurried to close it down.  He also says his hotel quickly beefed-up security moments after the bombs exploded.

“I served in the service, and that [the bombing] was the closest to an event where someone was trying to do me damage, hurt me.”

Norton caught a flight back home Tuesday and settled in for a crawfish dinner.  He says — had he run the race a little slower — he very well could have been injured in the attack.  While he, like law enforcement in Boston, has no idea who would plant the bombs or why, he hopes police can solve the case, make arrests, and determine a motive.

“I don’t have a good handle on why they would do something like that.  None of these people have hurt anybody.”